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La vida de una gata relatada en verso por la niña que la ama

A little girl’s poem about her cat, Samantha. Each page shows Samantha living the many joys of being a cat—a cat who is cared for and loved. Ages 4 and up. Hardback. $12.

La vida sin Santi
("Life Without Santiago")

Un cuento sobre las amistades que son para siempre

Maia and Santi are best friends. When Santi’s family moves to Australia, Maia must deal with her loneliness and go on to fill her life with new activities and new friends. When Santi and his family return, Maia wonders, will she be able to find room in her new life for Santi? Heartwarming. Ages 4 and up. Hardback. $15.

El nacimiento del bejuco
("Where the Liana Vine Comes From")

En español y tseltal. Trata el conflicto entre el brujo y la abuela en los bosques de Chiapas.

Told in Spanish and Tzeltal (a Mayan language of the Mexican state of Chiapas). The forces of good and evil—the grandmother and the witch doctor—each work their magic in the jungle, until the witch doctor decides to turn himself into a wild boar and kill the grandmother! It's OK, though. In the end, the grandmother wins. Magical. Paperback. $15.

Hasta el ratón y el gato pueden tener un buen trato
("Even the Mouse and the Cat Can Get Along Well With Each Other")

Libro para niños pequeños sobre el ingenioso plan de un ratón para distraer el gato y llevarse el queso, y también la amistad del gato

A quick-witted mouse and a sweet, but dumb, cat become best buds as a result of the plan the mouse puts into action to distract the cat long enough to be able to get the cheese. A preschooler’s introduction to win-win solutions. Ages 3 and up. Board book. $10.

Yo no soy un conejo
("I Am Not a Rabbit")

Un conejo nos trata de convencer que es en realidad un zombi alienígena mutante

"I am not a rabbit. I am sure that I am a mutant extraterrestrial zombie." Cute, adorable illustrations and explanations for why each rabbit-like characteristic of the main character (and of the cute neighbor) is really evidence of mutant extraterrestrial zombie status. Imaginative. Ages 6 and up. Paperback. $10.

Ojos con alas
("Eyes with Wings")

Bonitas fotos de niños mexicanos y pequeñas conversaciones con ellos sobre los misterios de la vida

Beautiful photos of Mexican children accompanied by children’s thoughts when asked about the imponderables of life. "What is dreaming? To sleep. What do you dream about? Being with my two dogs. You have two dogs? No. I dream that I have two dogs." Moving. Beautiful. Ages 2 months (with adult supervision) and up. Hardback. $20.

Domitila y el mar
("Domitila and the Sea")

Una mujer muy trabajadora llega a obsesionarse con la idea de conocer el mar

When she receives a post card of the ocean, Domitila’s daily routine of never-ending chores and acts of service to her neighbors begins to be infiltrated more and more by distracting thoughts of the sea, until finally she decides she must answer the call and go see the ocean for herself. Ages 8 and up. Hardback. $20.

En mi casa hay un laboratorio y mis papás no lo saben
("There Is a Laboratory in My House and My Parents Don't Know It")

Lecciones de física y química basadas en observaciones en la cocina

Introduces children to scientific (chemical and physical) concepts by relating them to what they have already observed every day in the family kitchen. Mixtures, solutions, solid/liquid/gas, physical changes, chemical changes, filtration, evaporation, etc. A few simple experiments including one that makes 30 oatmeal-raisin "examples of this chemical reaction." Ages 8 and up. Paperback. $20.

Rueda la ronda: tomo dos
("Round the Round: Volume Two")

Poemas algo complicados pero interesantes sobre el lenguaje y cosas absurdas

Bright, naïve illustrations and thought-provoking poems often based on plays on words, wry observations, or linguistic absurdities. For bright native speakers ages 12 and up. Hardback. $15.

("Tongue-Twister Anthology")

Más de 150 trabalenguas en español

Over 150 Spanish-language tongue twisters. A great way to improve your Spanish pronunciation abilities! And also just a lot of fun: "Erre con erre cigarro, erre con erre barril. . ." Ages 6 and up. Paperback. $25.

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